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Aquabike Atlantic City 70.3 (or 57.2?)

So can I call this a 70.3 since I only did 57.2 of the race?

So I decided to do this race and not do the run. I was feeling better with running, but decided to not over do it and just do the aqua bike. I was very happy with this race. I went in thinking I was just going to have fun.

The swim went well. Not my best swim time, but it was the best swim time in the aquabike.

The bike is where I really let it rip. I normally don't have very good bike splits on flat courses, but this race was the exception. I went under 2:17 on the bike with an NP of 260. Super happy with that performance. That helped me to a 1st place finish in the aquabike!

Sadly, I go no pictures from the race, but I do have interesting stories to tell about Atlantic City, so that counts right?

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